NEW Virgin Tea Comfort capsule

Virgin Tea Comfort capsule

NEW Virgin Tea Comfort capsule

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For the comfort of the digestive system

Food supplement to support weight loss with fennel, anise and coriander to support the digestive system. A new generation development of the traditional Virgin Tea capsule that contributes to the normal gas balance of the digestive system, which has a role in preventing the development of bloating.

Virgin Tea COMFORT is an innovation of the classic Virgin Tea capsule, specifically a combination of herbs that support digestive balance. The active ingredients in green tea polyphenols support metabolism and oxidation of fats. Fennel and anise support the health of the digestive system, coriander helps maintain the normal gas balance in the digestive system, thus helping to prevent bloating. Senna leaves contribute to the regularity of intestinal function, support intestinal function, the rhythm of digestion.


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493 mg × 60 pcs
For the comfort of the digestive system