Chinese stomach tea - 20pcs

Chinese stomach tea

Chinese stomach tea - 20pcs

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According to Far East healers, a large part of the development of gastrointestinal diseases could be prevented by properly selected and regular diet. In oue fast-paced, stressful world, and as a result of malnutrition, the stomach wall becomes sensitive, and gas is accumulated in the stomach and digestive system. This excellent Far East tea blend helps in restoring the balance.

Let us avoid the consumption of hard-to-digest, spicy foods. Let us regularly take instead warm and liquid foods, e.g. soups, easy-to-digest foods, warm tea.

Our company, in collaboration with the experts of the Beijing Institute of Chinese Traditional Medicine, has developed this tea on the basis of the traditional theory of herbs and of state-of-art scohlarly methods. It has since become a veritable treasure for many people.

Its consumption is recommended after meal, for a 2-month treatment.

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5 g x 20 filter
To strengthen the weak stomach
Main ingredients
chinese jujube, Tieguanyin tee