Ginseng-Ginkgo and green tea - 20pcs

 Ginseng-Ginkgo and green tea
Ginseng-Ginkgo and green tea - 20pcs
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In this tea blend we mixed the delight of green tea with two exceedingly valuable herb of Chinese medicine. Ginkgo biloba mixed with Panax ginseng make an extraordinary elixir. Ginkgo Biloba (or Maidenhair Tree) is an ancient seedy species, its active agents have free radical neutralizing effect and they help the cells' defense against certain harmful effects of free radicals. Ginkgo paired with ginseng makes a special tea mix that mobilizes the body's spare energy, supports the immune system and has a positive effect on mental performance and improves concentration.

Suggested daily use: 2 cups

Kiszerelési egység
3 g x 20 teafilter
For increasing mental efficiency
Main ingredients
green tea, gingko leaves, gingko root