Instant Ginkgo Biloba tea - 20pcs

instant Ginkgo Biloba tea
Instant Ginkgo Biloba tea - 20pcs
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Ginkgo Biloba (or Maidenhair Tree) is an ancient seedy species. Bencao Gangmu, the Chinese herb encyclopedia -compiled in the 16th century- mentions the favourable effects and the therapeutical use possibililties of Ginkgo. The two main active agents of Ginkgo biloba leaves are ginkgolide and bilobalide. It also contains several types flavonoids those provide an anti-oxidant (free radical neutralizing) effect. It supports normal blood circulation that correlates with brain activity and performance. It helps maintaining the memory even during the ageing process.

Suggested daily dosage: 2-3 cups

Kiszerelési egység
10 g x 20 filter
To strengthen the memory
Main ingredients
Ginkgo biloba leaves, inulin