Banlangen tea - 12pcs

Banlangen tea

Banlangen tea - 12pcs

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Radix Isatidis or Banlangen is native in Western-Asia, its root is harvested in autumn, desoiled and dried on sunshine. Later it is ground into coarse nubs and can be consumed as tea. It is a very popular herb in China, applied by traditional Chinese medicine especially during rainy and cold seasons. The process is granulating and instantisating in most cases, which means the product becomes a really tasty drink after it is dissolved in hot water or tea.

Suggested usage: 3 cups daily in the flu season


Kiszerelési egység
15 g granule x 12 aroma sealing bag
For health of upper respiratory tracts
Main ingredients
Echinacea extract, horseradish root, inulin