Luobuma tea -20pcs

Luobuma tea -20pcs
Luobuma tea -20pcs
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Abnormal blood pressure level often occurs unnoticed, we are often not aware of it. Sometimes it causes headache, somnolence or unexplainable tension. Be aware of your body's signals, because health is our most precious treasure. Drink and enjoy this rich and valuable tea in plenty. Luobuma (Apocynum venetum) leaves crop in the chrystal-clear, fresh air of the Tibetan God-Mountain in 6000 meter hights. Luobuma is an important part of the everyday life of Tibetan people, it is used for teas, vegetable dishes and soups as well. As for this tea contains only natural ingredients, it can be used together with antihypertensitive drugs but it does not substitute drugs subscribed by your physician.

Suggested daily dosage: 2 cups

Kiszerelési egység
2 g x 20 teabag
To regulate blood pressure
Main ingredients
Loubuma tea, csüdfű, csalánlevél, akácvirág