Alkalinizing tea mix - 20db

Alkalinizing tea mix
Alkalinizing tea mix - 20db
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The tea mix helps to maintain the body's acid alkaline balance. The natural vegetal fibers help the accumulated excreta to leave the body. The theory regarding the human body's pH balance comes from the Japanese physician who determined the values of the acid and alkaline states between pH 7,35 and 7,45 the medium is alkaline, under pH 7,35 it is acid. The alkaline organism is healthy and resistant against diseases. If the pH value stays under 7,35 for a longer period, an adverse process starts in the organism, which is not sick yet but is not healthy either. If the pH level falls under 7,0, even disease can evolve. Ingredients: green tea, sweet-root, Garcina cambogia extract, white mulberry leaf, Japanese green tea, wheat, barley.

Suggested daily usage: 2-3 cups

Kiszerelési egység
2 g x 20 filter
Main ingredients
green tea, beet powder, liquorice root, wheatgrass, barley grass