Stomach Meridian tea 20-pcs

Stomach Meridian tea
Stomach Meridian tea 20-pcs
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Stomach meridian likes the warmth, liquid foods and regular meals.
The tea blend contains roasted barley, hawthorn fruit, papaya and green tea. 
According to the 5 elements teaching of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the barley roasted yellow principally affects the stomach meridian. The pleasant, aromatic warm drink promotes the digestion. The active agents of hawthorn and papaya contribute to the comfort of stomach meridian.
Its consumption is especially suggested after heavy and fatty meals.


Brewing instructions: Add 250-300 ml freshly boiled hot water to a bag and let it steep for 15-20 minutes. It is suggested to drink 2-3 cups daily. 

Kiszerelési egység
2,5 g x 20 filter
Supporting the digestion and well-being
Main ingredients
barley seed, hawthorn fruit, papaya, green tea