Virgin tea 20 Permium tea mix

Virgin tea 20 Permium tea mix

Virgin tea 20 Permium tea mix

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The active ingredients of green tea help in weight management, contribute to neutralizing the harmful free radicals through their antioxidant effects. Senna naturally helps maintain the bowel regularity, supports intestinal function, digestion rhythm. Cinnamon helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. The dandelion extract contributes to the proper functioning of the liver and digestion.


Ingredients: lotus leaf, green tea extract, cinnamon, senna leaf, dandelion extract.


Active ingredients: decoction made from daily one filter: polyphenols: 87,6 mg; sennosides B: 2,3 mg; nuciferine: 0,171 mg. decoction made from daily two filters: polyphenols: 175,2 mg; sennosides B: 4,6 mg; nuciferine: 0,342 mg.


Dosage: Twice a day - before breakfast on an empty stomach and before going to bed – make tea from 1 filter. Initially proposed to consume in the evenings one cup of tea, and depending on the individual needs and if necessary, the daily dosage may be increased to two cups daily consumption of decoction (morning and evening). The filter pack makes easy the dosage and preparation of tea. The finished tea has a pleasant aroma, it is not necessary to flavor. It is recommended to consume minimum 2 liters of fluid per day, rich in fiber and protein foods, avoid fatty foods.


Caution: Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage! Keep out of reach of children.  Consuming for children, pregnant and nursing mothers, or in case of any component sensitivity is not recommended. Use for one week and then take a break! The food supplement does not substitute the balanced mixed diet and healthy lifestyle.


OÉTI nr.: 13734/2013


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3 g x 15 filter
Ideal body weight - Healthy blood sugar level