NeuroRelax capsule - 30 pcs

NeuroRelax capsule - 30 pcs
NeuroRelax capsule - 30 pcs
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It is a food supplement containing herbs and vitamins for good relaxation. It contains vitamins necessary to the proper functioning of the nervous system and herbs that help proper relaxation and to maintain normal spiritual and physical state. The sour fruit of schisandra is highly appreciated both in the Chinese cuisine and traditional medicine. European professionals have picked up on it due to its valuable agents. Hop flower and lemon balm leaf contribute to good relaxation, to healthy sleep and support the maintenance of optimal neural condition and spiritual balance. Valeriana helps to overcome stress caused by a busy lifestyle and to attain calm and relaxing sleep. Vitamin B1 and B6 are necessary to the optimal functioning of the nervous system. Main ingredients: grist of Schisandra sinensis fruit, gelatin, Lemon balm (Melissa officians) extract, Valeriana officinalis extract, hop flower (Humulus lupulus) extract, vitamin B6, vitamin B1.

Suggested daily dosage: 2 × 1 capsules

Kiszerelési egység
393 mg x 30 pcs
With valeriana for the proper relaxation
Main ingredients
Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1, Schizandra sinensis fruit powder, Lemongrass leaf extract, Valeriana extract