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Instant Milk thistle Forte

Sklad: Skladom
 Máriatövis Forte Instant
Termék összetevő:
1 tasak × 10g
Bonusový bod: 0,18 €
A máj és az emésztőrendszer egészségéért

Milk thistle extract helps maintain the adequate liver function. It contributes to protect the liver and gall health and the regeneration of the liver tissues and hepatocyte. The schizandra fruit is used as a hepatoprotective herb. Licorice extract supports and facilitates digestion, helps maintain the normal function of the stomach and small intestine mucosal. The ginger extract helps to maintain the normal function of the digestive system. The ginseng root extract supports healthy immune function, helps in case of fatigue and stress, convalescence period. Jujuba fruit is appreciated part of the everyday meal in the eastern cultures.

  • Sklad
    240 g/db